Squarespace Website Design

As a seasoned Squarespace Specialist and a member of the Squarespace Circle collective, you're in good hands with me.

Simplicity is key. In a day and age where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, your website needs to quickly and clearly convey the purpose of your business to your target audience.

I can help your small business do just that.


Fair, transparent pricing is the cornerstone of great service. If the scope of your work is better suited by services from a custom web developer, I'll inform you of that up front. Custom coding requests are not supported.

$2,500+ ecommerce websites (maximum 10 pages + up to 15 products)

$2,000 landing page + up to 4 additional pages (maximum 5 pages)

$1,500 landing page + up to 2 additional pages (maximum 3 pages)

$600 single cover landing page

$200 per month for website upkeep (maximum 4 hours per month, charged the first of each month)

$150 per hour for each additional hour exceeding 5 hours (billed hourly)

Projects generally have an estimated 3-6 weeks turnaround time, depending on scope. For the smoothest experience, I recommend that all photos, graphics, copy, and content should be ready prior to the start of your project.