On Steadiness...from Hawaii.


I am sitting near Kaiona Beach, just south of it, where the man made Pahonu Pond is. The water is a clear icy blue, behind me are mountainous cliffs, and the single drawback I’ve noticed only now is that the sand is not the color and texture of powdery white, but a granular beige. How tragic.

I’ve left my journal at Anita’s. Instead, with me, are greats in the likes of Osho and Tim Keller. Osho is getting more attention today - his directness is more simple.

Today calls for simple.

A local toddler just ran by me, “THIS IS A BIG CRAB!!!!”

Tomorrow is a local reality: brunch, alterations to pick up, and a wedding rehearsal dinner. Scattered between now and Tuesday will be Dole Whip ice cream, spam musubis (I am contemplating buying in bulk for the plane ride back to New York), skydiving the North Shore, and love.

Always love.


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