Action is for the Strong

Transparency is nice. I like being vulnerable. I like writing in my own voice, with my own bouts of interjections thrown in. In social settings, it’s much easier to know what to say and what not to say. Environmental cues give you a flavor of what is appropriate and inappropriate to do.

Writing, on the other hand – and especially on the internet – is an entirely different story.

Creativity is a muscle which needs to be exercised, and sometimes, I feel like mine has atrophied. In the hustle and hurry of day to day living, practically more often than not wins out to floating with your thoughts in a nice daydream. Or do-dream. Whatever. Budgeting, for example, which finally is fun. Working for a fantastic startup which actually impacts my own practical behavior for the better? Amazing. Taking steps to put the CPA exam behind me, once and for all? Superb.

All are small miracles pointing towards great progress in personal growth.

There’s much to do. With much to do, I find myself nervously perusing the latest productivity apps to help me do what I want to do. Before I know it, minutes and hours and days have gone by without much being accomplished, but just another daydream fleshed out in my imagination.

Put that on the bucket list, please.