of interest, the Internets [04.25.14]

Of interest on the Internets, which I would like to thoroughly read through [ahem, not scan].

How To Manage Business Estimated Taxes with YNAB

I'm a new YNAB user. Well, sort of. Ages ago, when I began reading Get Rich Slowly, I came across the YNAB software and methodology and wasn't impressed with the UI. Now, it's a very different story, and it's been an enjoyable process learning how to use it. Quite interesting to see a writeup on how to use their business software for estimating quarterly taxes.

What are the Best Auto-Deposit Settings?

It's my first month at Betterment, and I'm learning new things every day. The following is a question I've seen flying around the Interwebs a bit. The reasoning falls into the concept of the time-value of money, and reminds me of the "52 Week Money Challenge," (but starting with $52, and then decreasing).

CPA Exam Candidates Are Totally Killing It On the Exam

I haven't gone within three feet of a review book in nearly two years, but I'm happy to hear that those who are preparing for it are improving across the board!

Strala at Home with Tara Stiles

I've written about Why I Strala before. Strala is a business inspiration, a lifestyle inspiration, and an attitude inspiration. With the Strala crew and the Strala practice in my arsenal of tools, I've experienced first-hand just how liberating it is to have a practice and carry an at-ease attitude.

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