The Top Two Posts of 2014

Hi, friends.

I worked at Squarespace from 2013 – 2014 and so, I have a sweet spot for them. Particularly Squarespace Metrics. What a beautiful, delightful tool.

Today’s #10daysbetterblog challenge from DeskPM had us install Google Analytics. Well, grumble me not, I obeyed. Truth be told, I don’t know enough about analytics to distinguish the pros and cons of either. It seems to me that Google Analytics is able to provide very granular detail.

Careful, now. You are being watched.

It will be great to see what type of content continues to resonate with you. As my audience, you have a unique power in helping me shape my voice as a writer. Wield it with responsibility, readers!

2014 content was sparce, and thus, readership was low. That’s expected, and no matter. Here are two key posts which I noticed you particularly enjoyed:

  1. I’ve Gained Weight on Yoga
  2. Brought to Life

I see. You like it when I talk about food. :)