Day Ten

Looping in the background is Rebecca St. James’ “One,” which has a background groove to it eerily reminiscent of the mid-90s Backstreet Boys “Hey, Mr. DJ (Keep Playin’ My Song)." Hahaha. The song came on while I had on Spotify radio, and I just had to put it on replay. It’s making me chuckle as I write this.

Well, we’re here! Finally sitting pretty at the last day of the #10daysbetterblog challenge as encouraged by the DeskPM community. It’s been a fun walk. I’m writing again, discovering how much I truly enjoy it, and oh, how I’ve missed writing! Expression, it’s nice to see you again.

Over and over I am reminded that it is the process, the habit, the steadiness which catapults us from one feat to another. I see this in yoga, I see this in daily work, I see this in studying, and I see it in other people.

Last night, our goal accountability group had our first check-in. Hosted by Being Bold in NYC, it was a fun little workshop of friends aiming for consistent progress:

  • Most of us have no idea what our “calling” is, and that is perfectly okay. As believers, we have to remember God is as much, if not more, concerned with how we do things, rather than just what we do. Omniscience does not need us for His objective. His plan will endure with or without us. This is a core conviction of mine.
  • Writing. Practice makes progress, and progress is the name of my game. It’s going to be a fun ride experimenting with style, antecdotes, and quips of oddball wisdom. I’ve found I really enjoy storytelling my truths.

I’m grateful for DeskPM. It’s ease of use has single-handedly encouraged me to want to write more, if only for the experience of writing through it. Thanks for reigniting the spark, friends. Onward, and beyond.