This is an Update

I’m starting to think that writing first thing in the morning, like some of my comrades at DeskPM do, is the way to go. It’s something to look forward to, a morning pick-me-up, so to speak, along with that first cup of water. Ideally, lemon water.

I’ll keep experimenting with the time.

I felt terrible yesterday. To illustrate how keenly food impacts your feels, on Saturday I consumed:

  • Four Trader-Joe joe-joes (oreos, people)
  • A small bag of cheetos
  • A cup of ice cream
  • Evening of squash and ginger soup, and a plate full of veggies

The redemptive dinner was delicious, but too late. Meal timing is important, friends, and I know this. But, oh, the snacks at work! And, I just felt like eating the junk.

Sunday morning I met my father for a breakfast meeting, starting the day with half of a simple egg, tomato, and cheese sandwich. Too late. By the time I braved the rain to meet an old friend for a movie, I was hit with a terrible, terrible headache.

Whether the headache was due to my assault on food the day before, the rain, or the changing temperatures of the outdoors and the indoors, who knows. I came home, collapsed in bed by 6:30, and knocked out for twelve hours. I feel much better now, but my stomach tells me to take it easy and consume the detoxifying stuff today. Water, greens, light fruit, more water, and if I’m inclined for something heavy, to eat it later. Not the first thing in the morning. Gross.

I’m behind on my study goals, but will get back on track, thanks to Dr. Martin (Luther) King. A few short bond problems, then read read read. Sorry, Dan(s). I chose to sleep, yesterday. Just. Gotta. Keep. Going.

P.S. My Strala/Twitter friend, Paul LaRosa, told me about a great gem of a series, called Luther, starring Idris Elba. It’s on Netflix. You should watch it.