It is the lifeblood of thriving. Mutual collaboration, this thing having a pulse of it’s own – time and time again we’ve seen models in businesses, grassroot missions, and personal endeavors jump off and sail into the sunset when a community is engaged.

I’ve moved around a lot, and I know how uncomfortable it can be making friends. For a period of time, I assumed being awkward and uncomfortable was just a part of my personality. I hadn’t learned yet that to be interesting, I had to be interested.

Some things I’ve heard along the way through reconnecting with old friends and listening to the wisdom of my aunt:

  • You have to work on your social life. Especially when moving to a new city – putting yourself out there is necessary. Date your friends. You have to.
  • Having pockets of different communities you can tap into helps. No one earthly thing or person can fulfill all our broken needs. The more people you know, the more collective brain trust you have at your fingertips to seek help from. We all need help, sometimes.

I gravitated towards yoga, especially after first moving to New York, because it’s a bit of an independent activity. If you’re not comfortable with being by yourself, and you do enough yoga, you’ll learn to enjoy it. Solitude is an old friend of mine, and so we were right at home on the mat. Little did I know that I would meet some of my closest soul sisters through Strala Yoga, and I’ve no doubt that many of us will remain in touch as we gracefully age.

Love big.

Engage your community. Bother them. Get a feel for the interaction, and learn social graces through your social failures.