Human, too.

When I was about four years old, I said something snarky to my father on a plane. The flight attendant made it her own accord to correct me.

"Speak to your father with more respect."

Whoa. I was knocked back on my little four year old tush. Here she was, a complete stranger, disciplining me miles above the ground.

I grew up watching my dad charm people. He was never skeevy about it – he was honest and approachable and shook everyone’s hand. He took the time to learn the names of everyone who worked “for” him. I loved watching him interact with the truck drivers. He’s always had the utmost respect for them, making it a point to teach me light signal codes that transportation workers abide by on the highways, if I were to ever get in trouble while on the road.

I don’t remember the lessons; I should ask for a refresher. I’m still learning people skills from him.

Why do we become so disappointed when those we hold to high esteem let us down? Why do we even hold certain individuals to a higher regard?

Sin is not rational. On this side of earth, we are so extraodinarily human.


*This post is inspired by the anonymous yoga instructor I encountered today throwing a giant tantrum over…something.

Writing, FreethoughtShawn Li