Friend Feature Funday

Open Mike Eagle drops a new EP on Tuesday. LA Weekly has hailed him as “indie rap’s sharpest funniest social critic."

I don’t really listen to rap much, but Mike Eagle is a friend of mine. Hailing from Los Angeles by way of Chicago, he has a fascination with people and things and possesses very keen observational skills. He’s got a great Advice Raps video with Hannibal Buress here. Be warned that you may laugh.

I decided to shoot Mike an e-mail one recent day during a study break. I asked him to answer my off-the-cuff questions with his off-the-cuff responses. I also asked him to caption cat pictures. I dubbed it, “Caption the Cat.” Inventive, I know.

Readers, I introduce to you Open Mike Eagle and my commentary. You can find him on Mello Music Group, Hellfyre Club, and his great podcast Secret Skin talking about rapper life. He's also playing at a show near you soon. In fact, he'll be in NYC on Feb. 17th with Doomtree. Doomtree! Such win.

  • Q [Shawn]: how did we meet?
  • A [OME]: was it at a dfd show? i actually cant remember. seems so long ago. do you remember?
    • oh, no. it was at a project blowed something or other, but not a dfd show.
  • Q [Shawn]: you’re mike eagle. you raps for a living. now that music making is your livelihood, what do you do to unwind and balance life out?
  • A [OME]: i eat weed a lot. i watch wrestling a lot. and i listen to the ron and fez show a lot a lot. i spend a lot of time knowing i should be doing yoga and not doing it.
    • hey, mike! did you know there’s a FitStar Yoga app i was a part of, which you can download for free? premium content not included, but holla atchur’gurl.
  • Q [Shawn]: YOUR DAD IS A PASTOR. was he always a pastor? what was/is being around that like? 
  • A [OME]: nah he was a regular cool dude most of my life. he's still cool but he likes church a lot now. im not around it much these days but it seems to be going well for him. he really likes being a grandpa too
    • asa is really cute. i’m guilty of lurking the funny things you quote of him, such as this.
  • Q [Shawn]: you publicly tweeted, "you should let me write your prayers." and...go.
  • A [OME]: dearest self, lord and master, grant me the power to grant myself things and the wherewithal to never enter into any situation where i might need to type the word wherewithal. the end.
    • no comment...
  • Q [Shawn]: if you had to give me one piece of dating advice, what would it be?
  • A [OME]: he better damned make you smile hard every time you think of him.
    • y'all, i brought my mom to a mike eagle show once and he was very gracious. mike, you’re a good dude.
  • Q [Shawn]: and, finally, let's play "caption the cat, by mike eagle." i shall superimpose your captions as memes. make them good:

There you have it friends. Check out Open Mike Eagle on an internet connection near you.

FreethoughtShawn Li