New Year, New Country, New Day

I’m on the connecting flight between Miami back to LaGuardia, fortunate to be alive by way of heavy mosquito attacks in Managua. I haven’t counted the number of meals I’ve provided to these mosquitos, but a cursory estimate is at least eighteen. Damn blood-suckers. I may also have gotten bitten by a tick, but with the advent of technology and the New York startup scene, I was able to correspond with physicians via Sherpaa and they have called in a prescription for Doxycycline at the 24-hour pharmacy on 14th street. Our group did not end up taking the day trip to Leon, so I couldn't obtain over-the-counter “Doxycyclina 200mg,” as instructed. Mosquito bites are the norm, though. As a child, a group of them had the gall to attack my face as my family trekked up damp terrain in Taiwan. I was absolutely gorgeous for days after – and by gorgeous, I mean swollen and poofy, and I drew a lot of sympathy from all my relatives.

This past trip entailed eight days of resort yoga, which by nature calls for an insular experience. When visiting a new place, I often think of my time there as observation and preparation for a return trip. A second trip is always more familiar, what with retracing your footsteps in a known airport and visiting new friends made. The third trip, God willing, begins to feel as if you are returning home. Incidentally, my father returned from Nicaragua several years ago proclaiming his enthusiasm for the country and asked how I’d feel about ever living there.

January 1, 2015 was kicked off with a spontaneous motorcycle ride from our resort at the Gran Pacifica to Masa Chapa. Long stretches of dirt roads before pavement, rolling hills with a situated satellite, horses, cows, busses of people bathing in rivers coming back from the salty beach, and a motorcycle helmet too heavy for my neck to be comfortable in pepper my memory. It was my third (fourth?) motorcycle ride in this lifetime, and I’m starting to think I may actually be comfortable using motorcycle taxis in Thailand now, should I ever return.

Off to complete a Spanish DuoLingo lesson. Lots to do this year.