An Optimal Writing Environment


I like it.

The environment to do it in? Now it looks like this: give me a laptop, a flat surface area, and somehow, it’ll get done.

An optimal environment, however, is another story.

I’d like to have a standing environment with the Mobis Leaning Stool. In fact, Dana from the Tao of Dana, said that in her design experience, those with standing desks often forget to take breaks each hour. I refuse to be part of that statistic! Give me a standing desk with a leaning stool. I’ll take breaks, I promise.

Light is good. Let there be much of it. Natural light, ideally. If you read “Love Does,” Bob Goff’s office, sans the standing environment, sounds ideal. He uses a table in the Disney World park. Who doesn’t want that?

My family and I will be commencing the renovation of a third floor unit soon. Writing environments aren’t a thing I have ever given a priority. In fact, I’m ashamed to admit I don’t give much consideration to physical environmental space. While I think of it, I lag in the implementation. I’m sensing a theme, here...

Day 3 of the #10daysbetterblog challenge, and the @DeskPM community has got me all up in ears about continued self-improvement.

In true-to-form stream-of-conciousness style, here are some items off the cuff that I’ll be detailing for Mr. Ma:

  • Air conditioners must be installed in the wall, and not in the windows
  • Select lighting from 5th floor unit must be moved to 3rd floor
  • Tile work only in bathroom. Avoid tile for living area floors.
  • Design: Mama Li’s in control of this, because she likes these things and I get stressed about doing this along with prepping for the CPA exam. I do need to provide ideas for 18” dishwashers.
  • Tub over shower-only
  • Living area shelving? Interior design and organization is not my forte…

I should save up for rugs. Adults should have rugs to at least appear as if we are civilized people. I don’t have rugs now, and I am a completely uncivilized bachelorette.