Writing Patterns, and a Cursory Look

A lot of freethoughts in my writing.

Pruning my categories felt weird. I don’t know how to categorize my writing. That’s the theme of 2015: getting more structured in my thought patterns, in my goals, and in my writing objectives.

Going through my old posts – not too many, fortunately – was exhausting. I can only imagine how some of you may feel with years and years of archives. I don’t like to keep things of long yore, and came to terms with parting with my writing from years ago. “Delete” is not a stranger to my universe.

I now have six categories:

  1. Accountability
  2. Yoga
  3. Faith
  4. Food
  5. Freethought
  6. Writing

Professional and personal goals will be recounted under Accountability. Fun food posts will have their own special pocket now, as well. The beautiful thing about categories is that they’re quite self-explanatory…except for the Writing category. I’ll continue to prune the entries I categorize there, but the intention for this category to serve as posts in which writing assignments are done, or which are focused on writing projects.

Day 5 of the #10daysbetterblog challenge has us becoming aware of our metrics and web analytics. Squarespace provides a pretty robust metrics platform, so I will continue to monitor those trends through the oh-so-delightful mobile metrics app they provide. Strategy will naturally culminate from those metrics, but this blog will continue to serve as a creative writing outlet. The last thing we need is another blog following some directive format recipe for “success.” The aim is personal fulfillment, cultivating a regular writing practice, and documenting my life.