Hunger and the Trough

My mind went blank this week.

Have you ever let an affliction define who you are that you cannot imagine what it would be to be without it? Has the affliction become the norm, so much so that you stop praying for deliverance? I was challenged with this realization last week. Not long after obtaining a grasp on the shape of acceptance am I already facing an opportunity to fight a good fight. It's all going a bit fast, if you ask me.

“Stay hungry” is taking on a new meaning this year. Stay hungry. What are you hungering for? How will you use your hunger to deepen your purpose? Where do you run when you are hungry? Is it the pig's trough? Have I been grazing out of stagnant content?

Strangely, I'm at peace with how much I don’t know for FAR. I’ve finally, finally, finally, hit a comfortable study groove for this section. I haven’t been able to spend much time here, but I’m grateful to have found it. I’ll know the steps to the dance if I need to step back in before June, even if it's uncomfortable and really awkward.

The CPA exam is an allegorical process for life, really. How diligent can I be in the face of tasks which require discipline? When presented with failure, how will I react? How tactfully, optimistically, and gracefully can I shift my footing to maneuver a win?

Can I finish what I start?

I'll do my best.

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