Your Safe Zone

Friendship is a funny thing. Where you may least expect it, a wellspring appears and gives life. Where you once felt you would never grow apart, the connections weaken, fizzle, and disappear.

Three types of people you should avoid and/or be wary of: 

  1. Those who carry self-destructive symptoms. It can manifest in a variety of ways. Most obvious are negative self-talk hindering character development and substance reliance.
  2. Energy vampires – their negativity becomes your negativity and you bond through false sense of self-righteousness.
  3. Prideful people who boast of worldly things. What are they compensating for? 

And people who give bad hugs. Because, really. 

Make an effort, no matter how out of your skin it may seem, to surround yourself with good people. Good people are your buffers. Good people enrich you and strengthen the goodness in you.

Writing, FreethoughtShawn Li