Jesus Hugs

I don’t know if I’ve ever been hugged by Christ, but I’ve experienced a few hugs in my lifetime that give me hope for what Christ’s embrace is like. The Christ-like hugs I’ve experienced cling as if the sweetest reunion and ooze open-heartedness. The hugs say, “Here is my comfort. Here is my reliance. Here is my love. I’ve missed you, and I’m so happy to see you."

Other hugs give a different narrative. Lately, if I could put my own hug into words, it might say something like, “You’re a nice person. I like you.” But there’s still a wall. My hug-wall. I have a hug-wall.

a hug for happiness

Lots of things can impact how someone hugs. At my most open, my hugs were joyful, giving, and an all-encompassing embrace.

You can tell much from how someone hugs. Spring will be here soon, and hopefully, we’ll all be hugging freely beyond this burdensome winter.

*It’s funny, observing the writing muscle. In just a few weeks of intense studying, the muscle has atrophied. Time to do a few more reps.