Pain as a Signal

I woke up with a little bit of back pain this morning. I used to deal with regular back pain rooted in a strange hip issue on a daily basis. All that changed progressively through learning to be gentler with my body, practicing yoga, and incorporating more plant-based foods.

As the physical pain disappeared, so did the reminders for self-care. It's funny how short-term of a memory I have. Of course I feel better when I eat better! All of my sweet cells have better fuel to run off from.

This was my go to green smoothie for a year and a half. I've lost interest in it, though. Sure, it tastes delicious, but I'm in need of a change. Time to experiment with new recipes.

I'm quite encouraged that interests still go towards wellness when I needn't focus on accounting. Finger snaps, everybody 😊. See you on the other side.

Food, WritingShawn Li