The loveliness of the unexpected

I was compelled to begin a "loose" study on faithfulness. That is, I plug the word (and variations of it) into my ESV app, find passages, pour over them, and reflect in various ways. Sometimes it drizzles instead of pours. Lately, it's been drizzling.

I'm trying to connect the dots of this past Memorial Day weekend, but in my humanness, I can't. All I can do is laugh about it a lot, share my joy, and give glory and thanks to my God. Isn't that something? How far we have come, and how comforting is it, to naturally incline toward our Lord in every circumstance?

Thanks for hearing me. Thanks for knowing me. Thanks for loving me and surprising me so well.

Reading nook in LA. 

Reading nook in LA. 

If faith is the reality (slash assurance) of things hoped for, then it is an instrument which helps grow our peace amidst the things we desire. Desire is a funny thing. It can lead you down a path of frustration and helplessness. When you combine desire with even the smallest iota of faith, however, it blooms into Hope of everlasting breadth.

Faith cannot exist apart from our hopes. Our hopes are validated by faith. The future hinges on the present.

Weekend nuggets:

  • What is it of me to righteously judge and worry over that which is always and already in God's hand?
  • We are absolutely designed to worship. We are absolutely designed for community.
  • Marriage is not to be treated as a rite of passage; but an honor and a privilege to be able to serve another human being with a Godly love. My heart breaks at how people treat it, and how hearts can harden when the focus is wrongly placed on the spouse to be the fulfillment of all things.

Happy Wednesday.

Shawn Li