Desires unto Death

I awoke at 5:30, shrouded with the most recent study themes from only five hours ago. I had been too tired to introspect and reflect on Jen Wilkin's point through Old Testament Scriptural parallels the night before: that seeing leads to coveting leads to taking leads to death.  All of this, tying back to James 1 and how we are to understand God's sinless nature.

It sucks to discuss sin. It sucks to discuss misplaced desires. It is far easier to think on grace and peace and joy and freedom. But how can we appreciate those things in their full magnitude without understanding the weight of our own fallacies? How can we humble ourselves to our knees if we do not know we what it is we are kneeling for?

We don't have to be perfect to the world. To believe that is to believe a lie and to be enslaved to bondage. But we do have to exemplify perseverance. We have to exemplify humility. Our actions are the outward flow of our inner faith, renewing the world soul by soul.

Be doers of the word.

FaithShawn LiComment