Luke Auyeung

My friend @lukethewarm is a man of many talents. Corporate project manager by day, hobby dabbler by night. One of the first things he ever said to me was, "I'm learning how to sew." I didn't know how to comprehend that simple statement. People usually begin by talking about what they want to achieve. Rarely does one speak of exploring their interests with a curious, childlike wonder that we all hope to retain as we get older.

But that's exactly what Luke does. He picks up a hobby, and he does it with joy, adventure, and lots of ease.

When he learned I was organizing my website into something cohesive, he immediately offered to help with the photography. What you see below is my shamelessness in taking him up on this offer. We went with a "Day in the life of..." theme where I began by:

  • rolling out of bed with glorious, unbrushed hair
  • boiling water for tea
  • getting ready for the day between makeup and jamming to bruno mars' 24k
  • being pensive on my rooftop

In other words, I didn't want to prepare at all for a photo shoot.

Thank you, Luke. Keep sharing your kicks with the world. And – a super big thanks to @clairevanbeber for the pep talk on being in front of a camera. Modeling is a srsly an underappreciated art. xo.

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