The Grammy Book

I've always inexplicably hoped to attend the Grammy Awards. I had forgotten this dream until recently: two years ago, at a used book shop, appeared an anthology Grammy book, coffee-table style. It stared me down and simultaneously beckoned, with its gold leaf lettering and the foreword from Quincy Jones. The book very much wanted to come home with me, and so I let it.

It sat as decor at the foot of my bed for nearly two years. Now, it sits next to my bed, piled underneath books I hope to read, or have started reading, or will never read. Dust spreads unevenly across various scraps of paper, fighting for countertop real estate.

I never even got through the introduction of the book. For all the experience this book contains, I have opted to participate in very little of it. It's time to change that.

We must choose to honor the dreams we've been given, and not belittle them. In this, we honor the Creator.

FreethoughtShawn LiComment