The Right Response

Running back to Jesus. Like, all the time. That can be kind of difficult for non-believers to understand, and it's a bit of an eyeroll statement to say out loud. So, practically? This is what "running back to Jesus" looks like for me:

  • A lot of prayer
  • A lot of Scripture reading
  • A lot of frustrated prayer and Scripture reading and beating myself up for not being more systematic about it (not a good response, but it totally happens)
  • Devotionals from every crevice of the earth I can find. The books I have, the apps I have, the Instagram accounts I follow which point back to Christ's blood shed for us.
  • A lot of journaling
  • Lots of songs that I loop on replay shuffle
  • Spiritual mentors and counselors with far more wisdom than I possess

Often, as I pray, I try to envision whatever it is I need to let go of and be putting at His feet. Sometimes it's His feet on the throne; sometimes it's his feet upon the Cross. If the latter, it's bloody. I try to envision how bloody it really is.

It's so bloody.

I imagine God picking up whatever I am laying down and keeping it safe and far, far, away from my overzealous hands. Somehow, I always end up with that shit back in my hand. And then I have to do this exercise all over again.

But that's okay. He's used to this, as our Father. What matters is that we keep trying, and that we pay attention.

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