where the streets are made of gold

write, work in excellence, read about this and that and, wait, what about fiction? learn more about topic x because it'll be relevant to you soon enough. call mom more. write, damnit. check your retirement "plan" and remember, carpinteria. meet people. get to know them. invest with your time. love your friends better.

time is the most valuable thing one can give to someone, something, anything. be there.

live a life of exhorting one another. die to yourself, whatever that means. you know exactly what that means, actually.

in a season of muddle, where all i can see is exactly what's in front of me after it's landed in my lap. the only luxury of planning i have is sensing the leaps of faith i must take. sometimes the path is clear; sometimes, it's not. and that's okay.

blast up the praise music because it is one place where i can hear the object of my faith exalted.

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