hints of discernment

I was frying up some canned Ligo with the cooked rice, a Pinoy-style lazy comfort food I learned of in Atlanta. We made small-talk about his kitchen setup, the purpose of multiple sponges – one to clean the sink, one to clean the dishes – and ultimately, his experience in the hospitality industry.

I looked over with the spatula mid-air, studying him briefly. Catching his eyes, I asked: "What, did you work at Cheesecake Factory or something?" A look of utter shock accompanied the silence.

Stunned, he responded, "How did you know that?"

I didn't, really. It just seemed to fit. In that brief assessment, I could see him working in a franchise restaurant establishment... like The Cheesecake Factory. And so, I voiced it. Who'da thunk?

We were waiting to be seated at Ippudo as I let my mind roll freely. I hadn't done that in a long while. A name came to me, gently landing like a bird settling on a high ledge. I let the name echo and turn in my mind a few times because I knew not what it meant.

Returning my attention to my family, I let the thought go. Like in meditation, where thoughts come and go, and our only role is to observe.

The bird, after all, was later revealed.

Who'da thunk?

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