Cesspools of Sin

Festering cesspools of sin. 

There are so many things I don't trust Him with. I say I trust Him, I cry out and beg, and I think I am walking in faith... 

Yet my anxious heart tells me that unabashed trust has not yet taken root.

I am accustomed to limping invisibly. Where there is light, act all is well. Now, every failure or unanswered prayer or blatant rejection is shuttled along that same route of coping: cover when in the light. Walk boldly. Battle courageously. Come home, mourn, rest, and pray for the new dawn to come. But keep it covered in the light. 

I had the image of rotting, festering cesspools covered by a tarp. I pictured the tarp being peeled back to let light and oxygen in. Let the wounds breathe, he said. Let the wounds see the light of day. The air, the sunshine, will help.

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