ezer kenegdo

Long before I started digging, scholars tallied up the twenty-one times ezer appears in the Old Testament: twice in Genesis for the woman (Genesis 2:18, 20), three times for nations to whom Israel appealed for military aid (Isaiah 30:5; Ezekiel 12:14; Daniel 11:34), and here’s the kicker — sixteen times for God as Israel’s helper (Exodus 18:4; Deuteronomy 33:7, 26, 29; Psalms 20:2; 33:20; 70:5; 89:19 [translated “strength” in the NIV]; 115:9, 10, 11; 121:1 – 2; 124:8; 146:5; Hosea 13:9).
— Carolyn Custis James


"I want my faith to be a weapon," I stated in her kitchen. She was breading the chicken, listening.

"COOL! Did you know the actual meaning of 'ezer' refers to battle? Being a warrior equivalent?"

I found it interesting that her first response to me was that of the Bible's original description of Eve. I was half expecting verses on the armor of God, all that jazz. But, no. I said "weapon" and she thought...wife.

Adam and Eve, the first marriage. Over the millennia, translations have watered down interpretations to that of an unequal woman. Oh, no, says the Lord. The woman is purposely created to exhibit strength. And as my prayers sharpen and become bolder, I see my discernment, my hope, my resolve – all growing stronger. 

This is the right path.

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