The Lies of "Too Much"

I used to be afraid of being "too much." It's not an uncommon fear. If you ever find yourself self-editing your content to be perceived for likability, then you are probably operating under that fear. Not always, of course. Tailoring content for reception is always important – it comes back to knowing your audience. It speaks to being an effective communicator. In a business context, it's about marketing and your authenticity.

But for a long time, I was afraid of loving too much.

I've learned this from a few challenging personal relationships. The ones I couldn't walk away from out of duty or obligation, whatever you want to call it. Responsibility, perhaps. It required unique avenues of communication – we were forced to talk about our differences. We were even in a mediation situation – not because of crosshairs, but because we were absolutely dedicated to breaking down the walls of division, anger, hurt.

It's those you feel safest around whom you can unabashedly be yourself around. It's the transmuted perfect love of God and His infinite mercy into our imperfect human interactions which still provides a feeling of safety and protection. To my friends whom I text my feelings to relentlessly – this weekend, it was about how brilliant I find Mozart in the Jungle to be – thank you. Thank you for loving me to a degree to which I perceive I am accepted, loved, and protected, regardless of my too much-ness. I love you back.

Shawn LiComment