Another 3 minute writing assignment. 

Worth isn't measurable, though we often conceptualize it as such and treat ourselves with an earnings barometer. If I do this, I will be perceived this way. If I am this, I will be thought of us such. If I'm not careful, it stops me from executing.

I was included on a posh thingamajig yesterday and I felt like such an imposter. I've always wanted to be one of the cool kids, but during the entire interaction where I realized there was a hierarchy and I was being vetted, I kept feeling that feeling you feel when you're in your sweatpants and glasses, no makeup, eating eggs and pancakes all day and your food baby is just another product of doing nothing. I don't know. It made me uncomfortable. But cool. Because, like, I want to be included.

We are now at 4 minutes, so I'll end this here with what I know: my worth does not depend on my accomplishments or where I am accepted because, damnit, I am a beloved.

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