June 13, 2017, À Paris

I have sat down at Chez Francis in Paris with a moderate, partial view of the Eiffel Tower. It is something to behold, for sure – the steel structure contrasted against a busy city of green.

It is good.

The Eiffel Tower would not have the same effect in New York, where the streets are dirty and steel is steel. But here, where stone bridges are plenty and the Seine reflects blue, the tower is majestic.

I have my Dali novel with me – "SALVADOR DALI'S ONLY NOVEL," the cover loudly informs. He sets the first chapter up nicely, so I bought it – but it's a shame my mind is so stretched in reading the language that I long for a Buzzfeed quiz. Perhaps this is good, too, the stretching. Of course it is.

Shawn LiComment