Last Saturday morning, I walked from our weekend residence in Marina del Rey to the local coffee shop Yelp reviewers recommended grabbing your caffeine from. It was also recommended to follow up your coffee with a walk to the Venice Beach Pier. Delightful sounding, no? Why not?

The dim wood-covered coffee shop felt sort of Brooklyn-ish and sort of homeless-ish all at the same time. I stepped inside, fully aware of how “unlocal” I appeared. Here I was, in my easily packable romper and tote, while the bedraggled and sunworn locals lapped outside greeting one another. I wasn’t a unique sight; visitors are commonly seen in that area of the beach.

I waited a while for my drinks to arrive. I had ordered a cucumber, apple, and carrot juice. I also asked for a slow pour of whatever bean they had on hand – because, caffeine. I double fisted my beverage breakfast and walked through the sparse spattering of early risers toward the pier.

By this time, City Harmonic’s “Holy” had come on shuffle. It’s been one of my favorites since encountering it, and you know how you begin taking granted of the familiar? That was mildly the case here. It had become a familiar tune of comfort. I could easily meditate on it in the mornings. I was fine with hearing it again this particular morning. That’s the delight of shuffling.

As I walked up to the pier, the lead vocalist began passionately crying out as I’d heard so many times before at the 3:40 video mark:

“This is story of the Son of God, hanging on a cross for me / And it ends with a bride and groom and wedding by a glassy sea…"

I had a serious oh shit gasping moment when "a glassy sea” blasted out. When those words were sung, I happened to look up from the sand, see the pier, and suddenly as if with new eyes, the Pacific coastline was before me with its glistening ocean.

It wasn’t quite glassy, but I've been reliving those few seconds ever since returning to the city.

Here’s to more sweet, unexpected reunions.