Everyone is broken somehow. It’s funny; we think our wounds are badges and we try so hard to find some desperate way to communicate it. “I have been wounded,” those tattoos say. “I am changed by these wounds, and this is my pain."

We’re all wounded, I have to remind myself.

Takeways and reinforced insights from this week:

  • We are raised. We are raised in obedience or disobedience, in righteousness or in acceptance of what should be intolerable, in love or fear (and where fortunate, the powerful combination of both), in kindness or callousness.
  • We have the freedom to choose – our friends, our words, and our depth of vulnerability. These choices feed into raising yourself, so choose wisely.

It’s time to change my paradigm and switch out the narrative of guardedness. I have been to the Well, and the drink is good.

image by Jason Ballard.