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Why I Strala

Not one day after completing* the Strala Yoga Ready-to-Lead training and posting up this fun photo with Tara and Mike, the founders of Strala, did I receive a text from an old family friend:

"Did you get certified as a yoga instructor?"

Why, yes, I suppose I did. Word choice is tricky, though. Words evoke images and expectations, and I am here to say that Strala defies most peoples' expectations of what yoga is.

My whole life has changed since I started practicing yoga -- in a good way. And when your life changes in a good way, don't you want to delve deeper into the catalysts?

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On Faith

If you had told me six years ago I’d become a Christian, I would have laughed in your face - audibly. Jesus is in my corner. Why do I need to label myself? How about Buddhist, then? That’s far more likely. Proudly agnostic? Oh, for sure. But no, never a Christian.

But this isn’t about my elementary theology or poor rhetoric in Apologetics. It is about a faith cultivated to be so grand that the sweeping tale of redemption – over and over again (cue: Tim McGraw. Thanks, Nelly) – points to nothing else but transformative love. So much love.

Five years ago, a tremendous amount of disdain and negativity brought me from a slow downhill stroll with psychological dependencies to a full on face-plant at the bottom. I was exhausted from pretending to be happy and strong for so long, disgusted by the shame and embarrassment of my behavior, and infinitely resentful towards my parents. All of these things manifested in visible ways, too – lots of emotional overeating, a slew of meaningless physical relationships, an overabundance of elitist cynicism…and pretty bad skin. The company I kept was equally, if not more miserable, than I was.

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